Thinking About Art Collecting?

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Those approaching the art world for the first time may not feel prepared for what can be conceived to be a complex industry. Although the art world has its eccentric characters, this is what makes the world of art so alluring.

Regardless of your interests, often, there will have been a time where you have been touched or amazed by a particular piece of art, and it’s not surprising given the massive demographic the art industry covers.

What is Art Collecting?

Buying the odd picture here and there may be considered art collecting, but it’s essentially purchasing art. Art collecting often means some thread of connectivity, be it the style of art, or the country from where the art originated.

As such, those looking to start an art collection find that they can sidestep the confusion, and sometimes exuberant prices associated with art collecting by focusing on a niche sector.

Getting Started

There will be those who are looking to collect art as an investment for the future, and this is completely understandable, but you shouldn’t allow this to be the deciding factor. The world of art is one to be embraced and enjoyed and worrying about money in relation to every purchase can blue your perception when recognising the true beauty.

Starting an art collection is something that can be planned or happen straight away. An example of this is the Calihan Collection, a collection of art that was started by a Pittsburgh couple after being drawn to piece of Irish art in Dublin back in 1992.

The collection includes works by Irish artists such as Gerard Dillon and John Luke, are can expect to reach around £1.3 million at auction.

The collection not only highlights some beautiful works by Irish artists, but it also shows that the inspiration for art can occur anywhere, and there can be some truly hidden gems when going below the surface level of the art world.

Joseph and Brenda Calihan found the word of Irish art so enchanting, they dedicated the next ten years of their lives to perfecting their collection, focusing on the finer details of each piece, such as its heritage.

As such, starting an art collection is relatively easy if you go with your instincts. Just because a piece isn’t getting much limelight now doesn’t mean its charms won’t be noticed later in life. The world of art can have its own trends, but those looking to head in another direction will find that they’re able to unearth a series of treasures, even if it means looking at their own heritage. Ultimately it is most important to purchase what you like and that it’s pleasing to your eye.

Keeping up the Momentum

Although an impulse buy can be a great way of starting a collection, it shouldn’t be relied upon when building our collection. Regardless of where you’re focusing on works by up-and-coming Irish artists, or looking to document times gone by, it’s important that you carry out research when purchasing the works.

It’s also important to use official art dealers as opposed to private ads. Although there are measures in place that can be used to check the authenticity of art pieces, this could be too late if you used authorised third party.

The world of art should be enjoyed, so even those with the smallest of budgets can build a collection that holds true meaning while still being enjoyable.