Marie Carroll was born in London but moved to Ireland in the 1970’s and that’s where the inspiration for her art comes from and is created. Marie studied at the Goldsmith College of Art where she developed the particular skills that is evident in her work such as the use of colour and control of light.

Her influences are routed in early impressionism and postmodernism and this is evident in much of her art. Well-travelled, Marie spent time living in Paris and then Switzerland honing her skills before returning to London where she began to exhibit and sell her work before eventually settling in Ireland.

Once in Ireland Marie drew inspiration from the city scenes of Dublin as well as the rural areas which surrounded it and County Wicklow. Often painting en plein air, Marie is able to capture the spontaneity city life in a way that other artists cannot.

In later years and to this day her paintings have focused more on land and seascapes, still drawing inspiration from Ireland.