Ireland Art are pleased to offer  original Irish art from Donal McNaughton. He born in the Glens of Antrim and having spent his life there, the place and its people dominate the themes of his paintings. Donal taught himself the art of painting taking inspiration from some of Ireland’s finest artists and combining them to form his own unique and personal style.

As you can see in our collection of his work below, the scenery and rural lifestyle of the Glens is depicted throughout his paintings. His work is a throwback to the recent past and rural practices of Northern Ireland which serve both as a comforting reminder and shining example of days gone by. His love for the Glens of Antrim and the local community are evident in everything that he does. Donal McNaughton art is a must for any serious Irish art collector.

  • Boy River Fishing Quick View
  • Bringing in the Catch Quick View
  • Family Harvesting Quick View
  • Glens Fishing Trio Quick View
  • The Donegal Strollers Quick View
  • The Peat Cutters Quick View