Put simply, J P Rooney is the best-selling artist in Ireland. This illustrates his enduring popularity throughout the years and the place he has in hearts of Irish art lovers.

Born Martin Hasson in 1950 in Northern Ireland, after an early change in artistic style he changed his name to J P Rooney after a close family friend.  Rooney began his art career in the late 90’s and became an instant success with sell-out exhibitions throughout the country. His popularity at home soon led to international acclaim and his art has since been sold to collectors from all over the world. Rooney has played a pivotal role in the rise of Irish Art in the international scene and remains a central figure to this day.

Over the years Rooney has depicted a dark and often dramatic side to Irish life both throughout history and the modern day. His work and technique continues to develop with each collection making him one of the finest artists in the world, not just Ireland. Focusing on the complexity of human relationships with the backdrop of Irish scenery and history, often with a focus on the coastline, Rooney’s work is in high demand.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of J P Rooney paintings in our collection which as with all of his work, are in high demand.

  • Clowns Freddie Mac Fannie Mae Quick View
  • Green Water Bay Quick View
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    Patiently Awaiting Quick View
  • Stroll to the Sea Quick View
  • The Corn Harvest Quick View
  • The Potato Gatherers Quick View
  • Three Clowns Roger Over & Out Quick View
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    Three Clowns Three Amigos Quick View