James McKendry artist was born in the famous distillery town of Bushmills on the North coast of Northern Ireland in 1935. He has been active since 1958 and is noted for his large scale commissioned sculptures and murals for Churches and public buildings both in Ireland and abroad. In 1962 James was commissioned for the design of a huge copper frieze to be showcased at the Northern Ireland American war memorial. Reaching 60 feet in height, the frieze was unveiled by the Queen Mother on a Royal visit to Northern Ireland.

Throughout the 60’s James McKendry became a popular name in the UK and Irish art scenes with regular exhibitions both in his home country and around the world bringing him acclaim and a loyal following. Having spent much of his life travelling the world as a result of the international popularity of his work, James has now settled once again in his hometown of Bushmills. there he continues his work, much of which depicts the stunning Antrim coast and the natural beauty of the nearby County Donegal in Ireland.

The sea and coastlines of Ireland are central to most James McKendry paintings so if you are looking for something to inspire the calming feeling of life by the sea then this is definitely an artist you should get to know.