Liam, was born in 1958 in Glenariffe, the so called Queen of the Nine Glens of Antrim. He is a very gifted artist who is entirely self-taught; he was greatly inspired by the late Charles McCauley who was a follow Glen’s man.

Liam’s interest in painting started at a very early age when he spent many hours outdoors sketching the natural beauty of his surroundings, he liked to sketch cows and hens on the local farms and birds which came to feed in his garden. This natural interest in the beautiful glens scenery was an early indication in the career that Liam was to pursue.

With a considered and careful use of colours, Reilly’s art brings the natural beauty of Ireland to life in a subtle yet affective way. Liam still lies in Glenravel on the edge of the green glens where he paints full times, he prefers to paint outdoors where he can take in the fresh natural beauty, and he prefers to paint in oils.

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