Dublin’s Greatest Artists

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The capital of  Ireland is home to many breath-taking sights. As such, it should come as no surprise that the city has also introduced some of the most inspired and emerging artists in the world. The following is just a snapshot of the talented artists that helm from the famous Irish capital.

Pat Byrne

Those looking for something out of the ordinary in the art world may already be familiar with Pat Byrne, but those looking at her work for the first time will be completely mesmerised.

Her artwork combines elements of yesteryear with modern components. Regardless of whether animals are the focus of the piece, or the works of Lewis Carroll, you will be met with an alluring piece of art that has an added hint of fantasy.

Jack B. Yeats

Those looking for some history with their art will be interested in the works of Jack B. Yeats Although born in London, Yeats would spend a great deal of time in Dublin as his father struggled to gain momentum in the art world.

Starting his career as an illustrator for publications, it wasn’t long before Yeats was showcasing his watercolours that captured scenes of rural and urban live in 1897.

Rene Bull

Although some artists on focus on one aspect of art, others like to embrace several, and that was the case with Rene Bull. Born to a French mother and English father, Bull was originally planning to study engineering, but had a change of heart after taking drawing lessons from cartoonist, Caran d Ache while in Paris.

Bull would return to Dublin and contribute illustrations to several publications, and even used his photography skills to contribute further. Although more commercial than other artists, it doesn’t make the work any less interesting or joyous to look at.

Jim Fitzpatrick

Those who enjoy their music may recognise the name, and for good reason. Jim Fitzpatrick is a Dublin-born artist is who is renowned for his contributions to Thin Lizzy album covers, such as “Black Rose” and “Jailbreak.”

However, there’s much more to Jim Fitzpatrick than album covers, and those interested in the retro and fantasy elements of the art world will be able to embrace a new take on classic Celtic art.


Not everyone enjoys politics, but it has to be recognised that in some instances, it can’t be avoid. Fortunately, those who choose to display their opinion via art are often able to make an impact in many ways.

Maser is a breakthrough artist who is recognised for his image which was at the centre of a modern-day campaign to repeal the 8th amendment. His early work started as street graffiti in Dublin, and his style made use of typography, signage, and letterforms.

As you can see, Dublin has no shortage of inspired artists, with more artists entering the fold, each with their own unique vision and craft. Check out our collection of Irish art and artists.