6 of the Best Contemporary Irish Artists

Ireland Art is based in the beautiful countryside of County Antrim, a fitting location to exhibit our carefully curated selection of original, genuine art. We only sell original paintings, no prints here abut are able to do so at very competitive rates. Please feel free to browse our collection here. But we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our contemporary Irish artists and the style of paintings they excel at.

Name: JP Rooney

Styles: Abstract, Figurative

Categories: Landscape and Seascape

Born in 1950 in Northern Ireland, JP Rooney has become the best selling artist in Ireland. His domestic success led to sell-out exhibitions and international acclaim, with art being sold to collectors all around the world. It’s fair to say that Rooney has played a pivotal role in the rise of Irish Art and inspiration for up-coming artists.

His paintings often depict a dark and dramatic side to Irish life, focusing on the complexity of human relationships with the backdrop of Irish scenery, often with a focus on coastlines. Rooney’s work is always in high demand and we are proud to offer a wide range of his painting in our collection.

Name: Michelle Carlin

Styles: Figurative, Traditional

Categories: Children, Water and Seascape

Born in 1957 in Ballymoney, Michelle has built up a loyal following for her beach scene art depicting the innocent and evocative scenes of our own childhoods and that of our children. Michelle is a self-taught artist and the recipient of many awards, both local and international.

Her work can be found in many private collections around the world and has been exhibited throughout the Middle East, London and Ireland. You can view a selection of her extremely popular work in our collection.

Name: Sam McLarnon

Styles: Traditional

Categories: Landscape and Seascape

Born in 1957 in Larne, Sam lived in County Antrim and painted almost every day until his sad passing in 2012 at the age of 89. Sam received several awards that reflect his natural talent for capturing the beautiful Northern Irish Coastline. His evocative depictions of the North Antrim coast and Donegal coastlines are in ever-increasing demand from galleries and collectors from far and wide.

In our view, Sam was one of the most underrated Irish artists and we are very pleased to feature a number of his paintings in our gallery.

Name: Donal McNaughton

Style: Figurative, Traditional

Categories: Wildlife and Landscape

Being born and still living in the Glens of Antrim, the place and its people dominate the themes of Donal’s paintings. The scenery and rural lifestyle depicted in his paintings is a throwback to the past practices of Northern Ireland, serving as both a comforting reminder and shining example of days gone by.

Donal’s love for the Glens and local community are evident in everything that he does and his art is a must for any serious collector. Please view his collection in our gallery.

Name: James McKendry

Style: Traditional

Categories: Animals, Landscape And Seascape

Born in 1935 in the famous distillery town of Bushmills on the north coast of Northern Ireland, James is noted for his large scales sculptures and murals across Ireland and abroad. James became a popular name in the art scene in the ’60s for his paintings depicting the stunning Antrim coast and natural beauty of County Donegal.

The Sea and coastlines of Ireland are central to most of James’ paintings, so if you are looking to feel inspired by the calming feeling of life by the sea, please view our collection of his art.

Name: Marie Carroll

Style: Abstract

Categories: Sports, Action Landscape And Seascape

Born in London and well-travelled through Paris and Switzerland, Ireland is the inspiration from Marie. Often painting en plein air, Marie is able to capture the spontaneity of city life in a way that other artists cannot, from city scenes in Dublin and it’s rural surroundings to County Wicklow.

Whilst Marie’s more recent paintings focus more on land and seascapes, one thing that hasn’t changed is her inspiration for Ireland. Please view her paintings in our gallery.

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